Bare Living with Kelsey

From the very beginning, the essence of Bare has centered on intentional living-stripping away excess and embracing high-quality essentials. I believe that when we shift away from filling our spaces and lives with more "things" and instead opting for cherished pieces that inspire us, we create space for what truly matters.

Our brand philosophy naturally permeates all aspects of my life, from my wardrobe to my home decor choices. When selecting items for my home, I prioritize products that can adapt with me through various stages of my day and life. This same principle guides the design of Bare's collections. It's important that our clients can personalize our products to suit their own unique aesthetic and lifestyle.

I gravitate towards minimalistic design as it allows me the freedom to live with less. When investing in decor, I seek pieces that seamlessly blend into any area of the house and serve multiple purposes effortlessly. I love layering subtle textures over minimalistic furniture to infuse depth and character into a space. Adding statement pieces like our Marta Alpaca Pillows or a plush sheepskin rug adds interest and versatility. A high-quality throw blanket like our Pender Alpaca Throw not only completes a space but brings warmth to the room transitioning from our living room to bedroom seamlessly.

By intentionally curating both my closet and my home with items I genuinely love and use, I've cultivated a deeper appreciation for the present moment. Whether starting the day in my favourite robe, breathing fresh mountain air, or slipping into cozy slippers upon returning home, I've learned to cherish these simple moments that shape each day. These are the moments that embody the essence of Bare Living.

Shot at Whistler Autumn Cabin. A true design experience nestled in the forest of Whistler, British Columbia. 

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Photography by Brit Gill 


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