Washing & Care

Caring for your Knits: 

Bare Knitwear garments are handcrafted using unique blends of specialty fibres that are native to Peru. A little care goes a long way-we suggest taking the time to look over our care instructions below before washing your garment. Please note that each garment is handmade and inherits it's own unique character during the production process. Each garment undergoes an extensive quality control process before shipped out. Small imperfections in the garment reflect the handmade nature of the item and add to the beauty of the piece.

Washing Instructions:

We recommend limiting the amount of washing you put your knit garments through and only washing periodically, when necessary. Wool garments are naturally odor resistant and can absorb a large amount of water vapor. This helps prevent the build up of bacteria and unpleasant smells. Between washes, we recommend hanging your garment inside out and spraying with a gentle fabric freshener such as our Garment Groom. Let your garment sit and air out for 24 hours. This will help keep your sweater feeling and smelling fresh between washes. Spot washing small spots and stains is another way to limit the amount of regular washing cycles you put your knits through.  

Refer to your care label inside your garment as each fibre has different care instructions. If your garment calls for hand wash, do not use the hand wash or delicate cycle on your machine. Wash the garment by hand in a clean sink or bath tub to avoid shrinkage the washing machine can cause by aggravating the fibres. When hand washing your garments, we recommend using a mild or wool specific detergent. The fibres we use in our garments are fine and delicate therefore can be aggravated by the use of regular detergents with harsh chemicals in them. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. When washing, depending on the fibre and garment, you may experience a small amount of colour transfer for the first couple of washes. The dyes we use are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and comply with consumer safety regulations. Colour transfer will not fade your garment. 

Drying Instructions:

Do not tumble dry. For all hand wash garments carefully remove excess water from your garment by folding and pressing water out. Lay your knit flat to dry on a clean dry towel in a shaded area. By hand, carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams. Avoid hanging, twisting or crumpling the garment. 

Dry Cleaning:

We recommend dry-cleaning as a great safe alternative option.  Point out any spots or stains to the cleaner prior to washing.  Ask the cleaner to use a process that does not involve tumbling.

Ironing & Steaming:

Ironing your garment on cool heat is an easy way to give it a like-new feel after washing and remove wrinkles. If the shoulders of your garment have stretched over time while hanging for a long period of time, you can use a hand held steamer on low to re-shape. The heat from the steamer will help re-shape the fibres and reduce stretch. Be careful to only use the steamer on the specific area that needs shrinking.


We make every effort to select fibres that are strong and resilient to abrasion however a small amount of pilling is natural and occurs in animal fibres as a result of regular wear. If you experience pilling on your garment we recommend using a pilling comb to remove pills and refresh your knits from time to time. 


If you are storing your sweater for a longer period of time, always clean your sweater first. This is the first step to deter moths and insects from attacking your beloved knit while in storage. When your sweater is clean and ready to store, fold it nicely in a sealed box in a dry space. We recommend storing with cedar balls or cedar scent to deter moths. Alternatively, you can add a few drops of  essential oil in lavender, rosemary, mint or eucalyptus scent to a paper towel and store with your knit.