Cedar Sweater Comb


Meet Your New Best Friend-The Cedar Sweater Comb. With regular wear, it is natural for your knits to develop pills or fuzz on the surface. A little care between wears will keep your knits looking fresh for years to come. Before you go buy something new, consider giving your sweater, blanket, hat or coat a little TLC first.

Our sweater combs are made with cedar wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. An FSC Certification ensures that produces come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Not only does cedar smell great, but it acts as a natural insect and moth deterrent. We recommend storing your comb in the fabric bag with your most cherished knits to help keep the moths at bay.


For use on woolen fabrics to safely remove natural pilling and refresh knits. In short, upward strokes gently brush the comb’s edge across the surface of your sweater. For tighter gauge knits and sturdier garments such as wool coats, you can work the strokes more firmly. Bulkier, open gauge delicate knits require a very light tough to remove fuzz and pills.