From Farm to Sweater

Hand loomed from un-dyed, organic materials.

Rich in natural resources, Peru provides us with a library of exquisite fibres that connect us back to our mission and the origin of our products. Each season we seek out interesting, unique fibres that stand the test of time while helping us reduce our carbon footprint. This season's Funnel Neck is made from a textured blend of un-dyed, natural alpaca and organic pima cotton-a rare fibre that ticks all the boxes. 

What makes this fibre so special?

Grown along the Northern Coastlines of Peru, Pima cotton has a long staple fibre that is stronger and softer than conventional cotton. Organic pima cotton accounts for less than 1% of all cotton grown annually and relies on traditional farming techniques, avoiding the use of pesticides and leaving healthier water and soil. 

Alpaca comes in a variety of natural shades ranging from bright white to pitch black. After the fibre is sheered in the Andes, it is trucked to Arequipa, Peru where it is sorted into natural shades, cleaned, combed and spin into yarn. Avoiding the use of dyes not only reduces environmental impact, but promises each finished garment is a true one of kind. Just as no two alpaca's are the same, no two sweaters are alike. 

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