Developing Season Eight

We are excited to introduce Season Eight - the Back to Essentials collection. Over the next few weeks, we will be unveiling our foundational grouping of pima cotton staples designed to bring joy, ease and intention to your daily rituals. As we introduce the first few pieces online, we are sharing a closer look at how our brand pillars have guided the design and development process of this collection. 

Intentional Design: 

Season Eight marks the introduction of a second annual collection for Bare Knitwear. Since our start, we've focused on slowly developing our signature wool collection which we launch each Autumn for the winter season. As we grow our assortment, our design process remains rooted by our slow fashion philosophy. Season Eight styles have been intentionally designed to transcend the seasons and merge seamlessly with past and future collections. This ensures each new garment we put out into the world is considered and serves a unique purpose. Our focus continues to be on producing the best, rather than the most-keeping our collections edited, purposeful and refined. 

Environmental Awareness: 

While designing the Back To Essentials collection, we've had to navigate new ways to reduce production waste. Less availability of cotton yarns in Peru leads to longer lead times, higher minimum orders and a level of uncertainty while forecasting our raw material buys. Season Eight is produced with 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Peruvian Pima Cotton. Choosing to use the same pima cotton yarn for each of our four new, interchangeable styles not only provides easy outfit options but grants us the ability to allocate excess across our entire collection. This is an integral component in our commitment to keeping our excess waste to a minimum.

The Oeko-Tex certification ensures the cotton has been tested at each level of the manufacturing process and is free of harmful substances. 

Collaborative Craftsmanship:

Collaborative craftsmanship goes beyond the development of the garment. As the pandemic continues to change the landscape of businesses around the world, brands and suppliers are having to work in an increasingly inconsistent environment. Working with small scale production in Peru, we recognize the role that Bare Knitwear plays in contributing to the operational stability of our partners. Intentionally designing the pieces in this collection to carry beyond the current season has allowed us to provide our collaborators with up front order commitments, long lead times and flexible deliveries. This helps our team in Peru navigate uncertainty in cash flow, work load and demand levels. 

We look forward to sharing our new styles with you as we shift into brighter, longer days together. 

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