Frequently Asked Questions

We make every effort to select fibres that are suitable for sensitive skin. Lanolin is a waxy substance that is found in sheep's wool and contributes to the "itch-factor" of your garment. We avoid using sheep wool and use primarily Alpaca which is naturally hypoallergenic and free of lanolin, and merino wool that has had the lanolin removed. Select garments get washed after they are produced before leaving production. Certain fibres continue to soften in the wash. Lastly, we test tensions and knitting techniques prior to development as the way a fibre is knitted can also largely effect how it feels.

Pilling is a natural process and nearly all animal fibres will pill with regular wear. Pilling is caused by small staple fibres gathering and forming balls on the surface of your sweater. Some of our garments have a small amount of polyamide added to the otherwise all natural blend. Polyamide aids in abrasion resiliency. We recommend using a sweater comb to remove pilling from time to time and keep your sweater looking fresh.

Shedding primarily occurs when the fibre is a roving (a fibre with little to no twist). We take this into consideration when selecting our fibres and select two-ply fibres with high twist that won't shed with wear.

All knitwear has the tendency to stretch a little with wear over time. We select fibre blends that are voluminous and cozy yet light weight to prevent stretch while wearing or hanging. With wear, you can expect your knitted garment to relax a little however the garment won't lose it's shape. If your sweater is heavier weight or if it's a larger garment such as a coat, we recommend folding rather than hanging. Never hang your garment while damp or wet.

As a general rule of thumb, our sizing runs on the more generous side as our sweaters are designed to be easy to wear and cozy! If your in between sizes, we recommend first reading the sizing tips on the product page and if your are still unsure send us an email at info@bareknitwear.ca and we would be happy to help!

If you are storing your sweater for a long period of time, we recommend folding rather than hanging. To avoid common issues with moths, clean your sweater prior to storing and store in a dry clean space. We love using cedar balls to deter the moths.

If you shrunk your sweater, it may be still salvageable. Every material reacts differently, therefore we recommend emailing us with a picture of your garment or the style name and we will do our best to help. 

Bare Knitwear partners with select retailers in across North America. We recommend checking ourRetailerspage to find a store near you

We do our best to not over produce and import in small batches, therefore select styles can sell out quick. Our garments are produced slowly and ethically therefore we can't always re-stock. Send us an email with the product, size and colour you are looking for and we will do our best to find you a retailer with that product in stock. Our email subscribers always get notified first when we receive new arrivals. We recommend signing up for our email list. 

We ship all online orders directly from our office in North Vancouver, Canada. 

If you are making a purchase within Canada, you will be charged tax on your order at time of check out. Taxes are established based on the shipping destination and are charged in accordance with your province regulations. You will not be charged any duties as the shipment stays within Canada.

If you are making a purchase from the United States, you won't be charged taxes at time of checkout. Taxes on your order will be collected and distinguished by the customs agent when your parcel crosses the border. The tax paid on your order complies with your state tax laws. If you are based in the United States and the value of your purchase is under $800.00 USD, you will not be charged duties.


About Our Sizing

Bare Knitwear silhouettes are designed with layering and ease of wear at the forefront. Our sizing is generous as our knitwear is designed to be cozy and comfortable. We list our sizing in split sizes as our garments have flexible fits and span multiple sizes.Review the fit classification assigned to each product and use the general size chart below as a guide when selecting your size. We recommend going with your regular size for the intended fit. If you have a petite frame (5'4 and under) and fall between sizes, we recommend sizing down. 


Measurement should be taken at fullest portion of your chest with the measuring tape laying parallel to the floor. Measuring tape should go right across your nipples.


The waist measurement should be taken at your natural waist. Often this is the smallest portion of your torso. 


Measurement should be taken at the fullest portion of your lower hip with the measuring tape laying parallel to the floor. Measuring tape should go right around the largest portion of your bum.

Fitted: Our Fitted garments skim the body comfortably without compressing. Fitted styles are designed to be easily layered or worn or their own.

Relaxed: Our relaxed silhouettes have a fluid, cozy shape. Comfortable yet classic, our styles classified as relaxed have easy range of motion and layering capabilities.