Founder's Letter - Autumn/Winter Collection

August is always our favourite month. Our Signature Wool Collection arrives from Peru after over a year in development, signalling a shift in seasons is on the horizon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest where seasons change four times a year, the start of Fall has always felt like a fresh start, a new beginning. Although this year will be our ninth Fall collection, in many ways it too, feels like a fresh start.

With each new collection we design, I think back to our first trip to Peru in the summer of 2014. Picking our first sample up off the production table, the first word that came to mind was "authentic". A feeling achieved through collaboration with the world class artisans at the workshop. That summer, I quickly learnt the importance of honouring traditional craft through a slow and collaborative design approach. 

After a couple of years navigating yarn shortages, delays and shutdowns in Peru, this new collection has brought a new sense of creative freedom back into the design process. Styles that were on hold for the past couple of years were brought to fruition and there was a renewed sense of optimism throughout the sampling and development process. Together with the team in Peru, we've returned to experimentation with yarns, testing new finishes, stitches and manufacturing techniques. Regaining our collaborative design approach has allowed us to grow this collection knowing that each new model would replicate the same authentic feel of our first sample.

Considering a complete wardrobe guided our design process. We've brought back Bare classics in new forms while introducing new, key layering pieces, outerwear, sets, and silhouettes. We've taken steps forward with our sustainability goals, focussing on un-dyed yarns and re-introducing 100% baby alpaca into the collection. Our incredible pattern maker, Colette has further refined our shapes, fits, silhouettes and sizing. Colette brings years of experience working for international brands and an education from Central Saint Martins to Bare Knitwear. Varied silhouettes in muted tones are intended to effortlessly pair together or wear as separates. 

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this community and supporting our mission to combine heritage artisanship with modern design to preserve traditional craft and support artisan communities. Our Autumn/Winter Collection launches August 23rd we hope you love it as much as we do. 



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