Caring for your Knits: 

Bare Knitwear guarantees each garment is handcrafted using the finest quality of alpaca fibres. Alpaca is a unique luxury fibre, therefore we suggest taking the time to look over our care instructions below before washing your garment.

Please note that each garment is handmade and inherits it's own unique character during the production process. Each garment undergoes an extensive quality control process before shipped out. Small imperfections in the garment reflect the handmade nature of the item and add to the beauty of the piece.

We use fibres that are 90% natural and pilling with knitwear is a natural process with regular wash and wear. If you experience pilling on your garment we recommend the use of a pilling comb to remove pills. 

Hanging knit garments for a long period of time will result in a small amount of stretch. We don't recommend hanging your garment for long periods of time without wear. If you are storing your garment, we suggest keeping it folded.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash your Bare Knit in cool water, no warmer than 27 degrees celsius. Use a mild detergent, avoid any harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach when washing.  Avoid using any fabric softeners.

Drying Instructions:

Do not tumble dry.  Carefully remove excess water from your garment, and lay your knit flat to dry on a clean dry towel in a shaded area.  By hand, carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams. Avoid hanging, twisting or crumpling your knit.  

Dry Cleaning:

We recommend dry-cleaning as a great safe alternative option.  Point out any spots or stains to the cleaner prior to washing.  Ask the cleaner to use a process that does not involve tumbling.