Fibres & Sourcing


Our Fibres & Social Responsibility

We work closely with our suppliers in Peru to create alpaca blends that feel good and have the tenacity to withstand everyday wear. Whether thats using a tightly wound two ply fibre to avoid common issues with fibre shedding, creating unique blends that increase garment strength and longevity or pre-washing our pima cottons for shrinkage control we strive to select high quality, unique blends that are kind to you and the environment.

Alpaca: We source our alpaca from Peru. Alpacas are sheared once a year during the summer months. No harm is inflicted on the animal during the process. Alpaca farming requires no chemicals and contributes to supporting the local farmers living in remote regions of the country.

Merino Wool: We source our merino wool from Peru. The merino wool used in our garments has a Free of Mulesing Certification granted by the Responsible Wool Standard. The conventional process to remove lanolin and soften merino wool uses harsh chemicals. Our supplier removes the lanolin from merino wool by centrifugation in water without the use of chemicals.

Pima Cotton: The pima cotton used in our collections is grown in the Northern Valleys of Peru. Pima cotton is harvested by hand, eliminating the use of chemicals that are used while industrially harvesting regular cotton.

Use of Dyes: We work with our supplier to select colours and qualities that have a OEKO-TEX 100 certification ensuring they comply with international standards on consumer and environmental safety.

Our Partners 

While recognized for its environmental properties, luxurious hand and durability-alpaca serves as a lifeline for many local Peruvian farmers living in remote regions of the country. Alpaca makes up a large portion of Peru’s exports and contributes to the livlihood of the local farmers each year. The alpaca industry in Peru is competitive and farmers endure harsh living conditions in the Peruvian Highlands all year long with little access to resources. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our materials from Peruvian distributors supporting the local alpaca industry.

Projects our partners are involved with are Pacomarca (Sustainable Alpaca Network) and Tejiendo Oportunidades (Knitting Opportunities). Pacomarca is an enterprise committed to developing sustainable practises in alpaca farming-generating benefits for every level of the production chain, in particular for the thousands of rural families living in the Peruvian Highlands. Tejiendo Oportunidades is a project started by one of our partners that aims to support small knitting companies and entrepreneurs in Peru. Training is provided on quality control, knitwear design and development for locals.