Brand Pillars

Intentional Design:

Our design process is based off a less is more philosophy. The simplicity we seek in our daily lives translates into our design process. We strive to create heirloom pieces that will remain relevant for years. Our collections are striped down to what we believe to be the essentials-versatile, easy to wear timeless garments. Each design we put out into the world is thoughtfully considered and has been intentionally designed to integrate effortlessly into your wardrobe. Our hope is that our knitwear adds ease and joy to your daily life and makes you feel comfortable, elegant and authentic. 

Environmental Awareness: 

We understand the damaging impact apparel brands can have on the environment and are dedicated to continuously improving our carbon footprint within our supply chain and daily operations. We carefully consider the materials we work with and place emphasis on selecting fibres native to Peru with low environmental impact. Throughout the design process we make strategic decisions that lower our risk of over production and eliminate excess waste. 

Collaborative Craftsmanship:

Each Bare Knitwear garment is the result of hours of collaboration with our partners in Peru. Our collections utilize a variety of different production techniques-both artisanal and industrial. Combining heritage artisanship and utilizing traditional production methods such as manual knitting machines and hand knitting, allows us to create one of a kind garments that preserve tradition and highlight the unique skill of the artisan.