Brand Pillars

Intentional Design:

Contrary to a fast fashion model, we focus on slowly and responsibly developing thoughtful garments that will integrate effortlessly into your wardrobe. Each of our heirloom knits have been designed to serve their own unique purpose and bring comfort, joy and excitement to your every day life.

Environmental Awareness: 

We are dedicated to continuously improving our carbon footprint within our supply chain and daily operations. The entirety of our production is based in Peru, prioritizing a consolidated supply chain. Materials we work with are carefully considered, selected for their longevity, low environmental impact and beautiful hand. We work directly with our suppliers to continuously improve our waste management systems through varied production techniques, strategic collection planning and continued training and innovation.

Collaborative Craftsmanship:

Everything we produce is made in collaboration with world class artisans in Peru. Together we view the design, manufacturing, and production processes as collaborative. Dedicated to preserving traditional craftsmanship, our collaborative approach empowers the artisans we work with while creating products that reflect a marriage of heritage artisanship and modern design. We select partners and suppliers that value sustainability and ethical practices. Annual, in person visits to Peru enable us to develop a firsthand understanding of our supply chain, allowing us to make informed, mutually respectful decisions that support growth for both Bare Knitwear and our partners.