Brand Pillars

Intentional Design:

Our design process is based off a less is more philosophy. The simplicity we seek in our daily lives translates into our design process. Contrary to a fast fashion model, we focus on slowly and responsibly developing the best products rather than the most. Each design we put out into the world is thoughtfully considered and has been intentionally designed to integrate effortlessly into your wardrobe. Our hope is that your Bare Knitwear garment becomes an heirloom in your wardrobe and brings excitement, comfort and ease to your everyday. 

Environmental Awareness: 

We are dedicated to continuously improving our carbon footprint within our supply chain and daily operations. Our entire supply chain from the materials to the final garment is localized in Peru-reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The materials we work with our carefully considered and selected for their longevity, low environmental impact and beautiful hand. We work directly with our supplier to continuously improve our waste management systems. Through the use of varied production techniques, and strategic collection planning we reduce the risk of over production and lower our waste during the manufacturing process. We are proud to partner with producers who donate excess production waste to a non-profit entity in Peru that re-uses it as padding for mattresses for homeless animals. 

Collaborative Craftsmanship:

We are proud of the personal relationships we have developed over the years with our various suppliers and partners in Peru. Together with our partners, we view the design, manufacturing, and production processes as collaborative. Our collaborative processes empower the artisan and allow us to create one of kind garments that reflect a marriage of heritage artisanship and modern design. We've selected our partners and suppliers through annual, in-person visits to Peru. Developing a firsthand understanding of our supplier's business allows us to gain a better understanding of our supply chain and the values and day to day practises at the production facilities. This enables us to make mutually respectful and informed decisions that support the growth of our partners and Bare Knitwear.