Our Process

Intentional Design

Our design process is based off a less is more philosophy. Our edited collections focus on versatility and wear count. Inspired by the capsule wardrobe model, our collections are designed to be interchangeable. We focus on developing the best rather than the most. Although we don't follow trends our classic pieces always remain relevant. Our hope is that the garments we produce fill holes in a conscious wardrobe and make the wearer feel authentic, comfortable and elegant. 

Mindful Sourcing

We select fibres based on their longevity, hand and environmental properties. While recognized as one of the worlds most luxurious fibres, alpaca serves as a lifeline for many Peruvian farmers living in remote regions of the country. Farmers throughout the Andes are dependent on alpaca exports for survival as they endure harsh living conditions with little access to resources every year. We are committed to sourcing our raw materials from various suppliers in Peru who are committed to supporting local farmers, communities and families in developing regions of the country. 

Projects our partners support:

Pacomarca (Sustainable Alpaca Network):

Pacomarca is an enterprise committed to developing sustainable practices in alpaca farming-generating benefits for every level of the production chain, in particular for the thousands of rural families living in the Peruvian Andes.

Tejiendo Oportunidades (Knitting Opportunities):

Tejiendo Oportunidades aims to support small knitting companies and entrepreneurs in Peru. Training is provided on quality control, knitwear design and development for locals. 

Artisanal Production:

Hours of work go into each Bare Knitwear garment. Each piece is the result of direct collaboration with artisans in Peru. We believe the way it was done years ago is still the best way-by human. Through the use of artisanal techniques, we are committed to preserving tradition and removing employment barriers for women living in Ayacucho and Lima.