Our Process

From Peru to You

Intentional Design

Conceptualized at our design studio on the West Coast of Canada, each Bare Knitwear garment is slowly and thoughtfully designed to integrate into your wardrobe with ease. 


 The development stage is where the collaborative work with our partners in Peru begins. Manufacturing techniques, fibres and finishings are all extensively researched and explored. Our partners in Peru are experts working with industrial machines, traditional knitting needles and hand operated knitting looms. 

Fibre Research & Swatch Development

Selecting the right yarn for a particular garment is an extensive process. We consider how the yarn will affect the overall shape of the garment, where it comes from, how it wears and of course, how it feels. We select fibres with high wearability and low environmental impact. Before creating the first sample we create knit swatches in different fibres and stitches and tensions. This helps to reduce our waste if we don't get it right the first time.

Proto Development

After the yarn is selected, the first sample is produced!

Wash & Wear Tests 

Our sample is then put to the test as we conduct wash and wear tests. Wear testing our designs in our day to day lives gives us a better understanding of how our clothing functions throughout the day. 

Final Adjustments 

At this stage, we consider all feedback from our wash and wear tests and make final adjustments to our pattern. Minor adjustments at this stage can have a significant impact on the over all fit, feel and function of the garment. 

Colour Selection & Development 

We select our timeless hues to highlight the craftsmanship and texture of the garment and pair easily with any wardrobe. 

Ready for Production

 Our collections are launched into production six to eight months prior to arriving to us in Canada. Many of our garments are made using a hand operated knitting loom or traditionally hand knit, therefore long lead times gives our manufacturer's flexible manufacturing windows. Our hope is that each Bare Knitwear garment reflects the collaborative manufacturing process and brings excitement, comfort and ease to your everyday.