Our Materials


We source our alpaca from Peru. Alpacas are sheared once a year during the summer months when the animals no longer need their coats for warmth. Suppliers we work with follow shearing guidelines governed by the National Technical Standard which are approved by the Food & Agriculture Organization and farms carry Fair Trade Certifications. No harm or pain is inflicted on the animal during the process. Alpaca farming requires no chemicals and contributes to supporting the local farmers living in remote regions of the country.

Merino Wool:

We source our merino wool from Peru. Merino wool is a unique fibre as it's lofty and light weight yet warm. The fibre from a Merino sheep is much finer than that of conventional wool, giving it a softer more malleable hand. Merino is highly absorbent. The fibre absorbs odour caused by bacteria build up-meaning you can wear your sweater longer without washing. The merino wool used in our garments has a Free of Mulesing Certification granted by the Responsible Wool Standard. The conventional process to remove lanolin and soften merino wool uses harsh chemicals. Our supplier removes the lanolin from merino wool by centrifugation in water without the use of chemicals.

Pima Cotton:

The pima cotton used in our collections is grown in the Northern Valleys of Peru. We choose to work with pima cotton fibres over conventional cotton for its soft hand, durability and environmental properties. The long, fine fibres that make up pima cotton yarn lend to stronger and softer feeling garments than those of conventional cotton. Pima cotton is harvested by hand, eliminating the use of chemicals that are used while industrially harvesting regular cotton. We choose to work with pima cotton for our Spring collections as its cozy but breathable and cool for warmer temperatures.

Use of Dyes:

We work with our supplier to select colours and qualities that have a OEKO-TEX 100 certification ensuring they comply with international standards on consumer and environmental safety.