Fibres & Sourcing


Our Fibres:

Rich in natural resources, Peru provides a library of exquisite fibres that connect us back to our mission and the origin of our products. 

/ Alpaca:

Alpaca is at the core of our winter collections. Unlike traditional sheep's wool, alpaca lacks lanolin making it naturally hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. A luxurious hand, incredible durability and anti-microbial properties make alpaca a staple in our collections. 

Alpacas are sheared once a year during the summer months when the animals no longer need their coats for warmth. No harm or pain is inflicted on the animal during the process. Alpaca farming requires no chemicals and contributes to supporting the local farmers living in remote regions of the country.

/ Merino Wool:

Merino wool is a unique fibre that is both light weight and incredibly warm. The fibre from a Merino sheep is much finer than that of conventional wool, giving it a softer more malleable hand. Merino absorbs odour caused by bacteria build up-meaning you can wear your sweater longer without washing.

The merino wool used in our garments has a Free of Mulesing Certification granted by the Responsible Wool Standard. The conventional process to remove lanolin and soften merino wool uses harsh chemicals. Suppliers we work with remove the lanolin from the fibre by centrifugation in water without the use of chemicals.

/ Peruvian Pima Cotton:

Cozy yet breathable, pima cotton is our number one choice for pieces designed to be worn year around. With a staple fibre much longer than traditional cotton, pima cotton is an incredibly soft, durable fibre, resistant to pilling and abrasion that can be worn and washed with ease. 

Hand harvested along the Northern Coastlines of Peru, pima cotton uses less water than conventional cotton to grow. 

Use of Dyes:

We use both dyed and un-dyed fibres throughout our collection. We use low impact dyes that comply with OEKO-TEX STANDARDS ensuring consumer and environmental safety. The dyes used in our garments are heavy metal free and azo free.


We foster long term relationships with distributors and suppliers in Peru. Sourcing all our fibres and materials from Peruvian distributors contributes to our localized supply chain and helps us reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport and support the local farming and textile industry in Peru. We are committed to partnering with suppliers in Peru who work directly with local farmers, communities and families living in rural areas of the country who are dependent on the textile sector for survival.