Our Process

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Slow Design

Our design process is based on a slow fashion philosophy. Rather then designing new styles each season, we produce one edited collection a year reducing the amount of waste we are creating and eliminating excess inventory. We focus on developing our classic styles , creating pieces worth investing in.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Alpaca is at the core of our products. We choose to work with alpaca fibres for their luxurious hand, durability and environmental properties. We source our raw materials from a sustainable family run alpaca farm in Southern Peru. The fibre is harvested during the sheering season from November to March using traditional methods and causing no harm to the alpaca. 

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Ethical Manufacturing

Hours of work go into each Bare Knitwear garment. Each piece, carefully crafted celebrates the unique skill of the artisan who made it. By using artisan techniques we are are able to contribute to the employment of 150 female artisans in Peru each year and preserve ancient Andean tradition.