Our Fibres


Superfine Baby Alpaca 

The cream of the crop. We use this blend for its silky hand, beautiful drape and hypoallergenic properties. Alpaca contains no lanolin, a grease found in sheep wool that causes it to itch. This fibre continues to soften with each wash and wear and resists pilling.

Our Andes Beanie, Everyday V and Travel Wrap are made with this fibre.



We chose to work with cotton this season for its incredible strength, durability, breathability and ease. We wanted to offer pieces that the wearer could enjoy year around. Cotton was a suitable choice for the Kimono Coat. It can be layered in the Fall and is breathable enough to wear all through the Spring and Summer months. 

Our Kimono Coat is made using this fibre.


Baby Alpaca Chaine

We worked closely with our suppliers in Peru to custom develop this unique blend of 93% baby alpaca and 7% polyamide. It is important to us that our garments not only feel good but have the tenacity to withstand wash and wear. Adding polyamide to the baby alpaca gives our pieces increased strength. It helps the garment maintain its shape and resist abrasion without taking away from the soft luxurious hand of baby alpaca. 

Our Classic Beanie and Vintage Crew are made with this blend.