Conditions of Use:

All images, designs, logo and copy are property of Bare Knitwear and can not be used without permission. 


We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please note, we do not accept Visa Debit Cards at this time. 

Gift Cards:

  • Gift cards are sold as unique digital codes. Bare Knitwear does not ship physical gift cards. Gift cards are only available as an email or printable pdf.

  • When using a gift card, the full value of the gift card is always applied. It isn’t possible to partially redeem a gift card unless the order total is less than the gift card balance.

  • At checkout, a gift card’s value will be subtracted from the order total. This includes tax and shipping.

  • Gift cards never expire.

  • Gift cards can be applied to any product listed online.

  • Refunding a purchase made with a gift card adds the refunded amount to the gift card's balance.

  • Select the Email to You delivery option at checkout if you wish to purchase the gift card and send to the recipient at a later date.

  • Gift cards can only be used on the Bare Knitwear website.

Pre-Order Policy:

  • Items ordered on pre-order are eligible for a return unless otherwise specified.

  • Bare Knitwear distinguishes a shipping window for items sold on pre-order. Bare Knitwear will communicate with customer if any changes occur to the shipping window.

  • Customer is responsible for updating Bare Knitwear if any address changes occur between between time of purchase and pre-order ship date.

  • Please note, all items are handmade in Peru and ship from Peru to Canada before being sent to the customer. We do our very best to ensure the ship dates we provide on pre-ordered items are reasonable and reliable however in the rare case that delays occur in transit which are out of our control we will communicate to the customer right away.

Privacy Policy:

We will never share your personal information with any outside party. When you checkout you are prompted to sign up for our newsletter. You may choose to deny this feature by unchecking the sign up box in the checkout page. When you sign up for our newsletter you will receive emails regarding promotions, product launches and community events. We keep our emails to a maximum of four per month and you may wish to unsubscribe at anytime by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the emails we send or you can email us directly at and we can unsubscribe you from our list. We will never share your email with anybody. 

Payment and Currency:

All items are listed in Canadian dollars. If you are making a purchase from the United States, your credit card provider will covert the currency to USD at the time of purchase.