Meet Olga


At home with Olga, one of our most experienced artisans.

When we visited Peru in April 2018, we had the privilege of visiting Olga. Olga has been employed at the workshop for six years and has recently started working from home. Upon entering her charming apartment, we heard the sound of the manual knitting loom working away upstairs. It was a Monday morning and Olga was working on her sixteenth fine gauge beanie from our fall 2018 collection. She was proud to show us that she had completed fifteen hats over the weekend and was eager to finish the rest so she could go back to the workshop and bring home more work. 

Olga has been producing Bare Knitwear garments for four years. Prior to working in knitwear production, she owned a food cart and a seafood restaurant. The food cart was taken away by the city as it didn't meet food safe standards and the restaurant meant long hours away from her daughter. Working in knitwear production provides Olga with the opportunity to earn a higher income. Having the flexibility to work from home, Olga can log extra hours over the weekends to put towards her daughters education while taking care of her family.

Since her role started at the workshop in 2012, Olga has purchased her own manual loom granting her ability to work from home and is one of the few people living in the Andes that owns a washing machine. She dreams of opening her own knitwear studio in the near future and helping her daughter to pursue her dream of working as a police officer.