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Handmade Heirlooms

Handmade Heirlooms

Artisanal textile manufacturing techniques are an important part of Peru's history and culture. We are proud to use a variety of both time honoured and modern production methods throughout knitwear collections. Honouring handmade techniques helps us preserve tradition, provide consistent work and highlight the unique skill of the artisan behind the product. 

Manual techniques give the garments a unique artisanal feel while achieving heirloom quality. Our new Pebble Cardigan and Alps Beanie and Funnel Neck are crafted using a manual knitting loom. Knitting using a manual loom is a laborious process that involves skill, patience and time. Hours of work and love go into each garment, providing more texture and depth than an industrial machine. You can feel the difference. 

Traditional techniques provide our workshops and artisans in Peru with more flexibility during the production process. Many artisans at our workshop in Peru have manual knitting looms in their home allowing them the flexibility to work from home-this has been an important aspect in keeping our artisans employed safely during the pandemic. 

We hope the Pebble Cardigan and Alps Beanie connect you to the origin of our products and the artisan who skillfully made it.