Meet Kelsey

From a young age, I was keen to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the apparel industry. In the tenth grade, I had a journal with BARE written in it amongst other possible names for my future clothing line or retail concept store-it changed regularly. I attended the Fashion Business program at John Casablancas in Vancouver and have dedicated the last thirteen years to exploring different roles in the industry. Working for various companies over the years helped shape who I am, and the values that I founded Bare Knitwear on. 

I guess you could say my entrepreneurial spirit was sparked from a young age. Growing up on the North Shore of Vancouver, I spent endless hours up the mountains. When we were too young to work regular jobs-my friends and I would knit and crochet bright coloured toques and attempt to sell them up the mountain in hopes to fund our lift tickets for the following season. 

I’ve always appreciated fashion and style, however most of the time you can find me in denim and a t-shirt. When it comes to fashion, I’m most passionate about the possibility to create change and impact in the industry. Outside of work, I’m happiest climbing mountains on my bike, exploring the Pacific Northwest and trying to squeeze in a few powder days on the weekends. 

"Steady Pushing"

x Kelsey