A workshop nestled in the andes


Huamanga Region

Many women living in Peru learn the basics of knitting from a young age. With limited access to resources, little revenue can be generated from their craft. Peru is the knitwear hub of the world however a large portion of its exports are produced in the larger cities of the country. Huamanga is one of the poorest regions in the country. Women living in the province struggle to find consistent work and often hail from the outskirts of the cities where sexual and domestic violence are prevalent.



Preserving Tradition

We partnered with a social enterprise committed to removing employment barriers for local women by employing women based on their existing skill set. In the height of production season, 150-300 artisans are employed at the studio. Each Bare Knitwear garment is handmade and takes 5-13 hours to produce. By using hand operated manual knitting looms and traditional hand knitting techniques, these women earn a steady income from their craft.

Working with brands such as Bare Knitwear, the artisans learn about global markets and the value their work holds around the world.  Each of our collections is a result of hours of direct collaboration with the artisans.


Fair Trade Standard


Our production is certified fair trade and our partners are committed to not just the growth of annual exports but to the personal growth of the women employed. Many of the artisans are young mothers living in vulnerable situations. At the facility, the women have access to free built in daycare for their children and on-site counselling and therapy. In addition, the employees have access to a nutritionist who teaches them about meal planning and proper diet and help with financial planning.